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 Ailyn Interview with Manuel Gálvez (Feb. 2011)

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PostSubject: Ailyn Interview with Manuel Gálvez (Feb. 2011)   Ailyn Interview with Manuel Gálvez (Feb. 2011) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 3:38 pm

-What’s the story behind your stage name? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

When I first started singing, I decided to find a stage name because I didn’t really like mine. At first I chose “AnLing”, which is a Chinese name, but not long after I realized people had trouble trying to pronounce it properly. In a show in my city they mistakenly wrote it as Ailyn and everyone called me so, and as I liked it and it was easier for people, I changed it. Ailyn is a Chinese name too and it means “true love”.

-We know you’ve sung all music styles but did you ever think about becoming famous in the metal scene? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

A lot of people still think I only sing metal because Sirenia chose me as the new singer, but that’s not true. I started listening to metal when I was 16 and I’ve always loved it. I never thought people would recognize me singing this style, but I’m very happy because I’m doing the music style I love.

-Is there something that inspired you to become a singer? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

It was at school, when I was 11. I decided I wanted to be a singer when I heard “Hero” by Mariah Carey. In my first singing years I always heard her music and wanted to sing like her. But later my musical tastes changed a little…

-And do you follow any other band’s music? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

A lot! Kamelot, 30 Seconds To Mars, Serenity, Guns ‘ roses, Withing Temptation, Metallica…to name a few, but the list is very long.

-Do you know any other group or vocalists in the metal scene, but closely? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

Yes, I’ve met a few. Some are closer than others, but I’ve got good friends in the genre.

-As a solo singer, have you ever thought about singing with another band or singer? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico / Edgar from Mexico)

I love collaborations. As you already know, I’ve just done one with Serenty, in the song “The Chevalier”, included in their latest single “Serenade Of Flames” and their upcoming album “Death & Legacy”. It’s been a great experience and I hope I can do more collaboration with other bands.

-And would you like to release a solo album? If so, which genre of music? (Edgar from Mexico)

The truth is that right now, that idea doesn’t exist in my head. I’ve been a solo singer for years and now that I’m in a band I prefer it, so at the moment I don’t think about going solo. Maybe in the future? Who knows?

-How is your normal day without Sirenia? And with them? (Pepa)

A normal day without the band is really common, I don’t do anything special. Razz With the band is always fun, I never get bored!

-What’s the difference between Ailyn from the first Sirenia show and the present Ailyn? (Pepa)

The biggest difference is that at the first show I was very nervous, and I felt insecure. When I joined the band I found fans were divided about wanting me to be the new singer of Sirenia, so there was a lot of pressure. Now I’ve been 2 years with the band so the stage experience is obvious, as I feel more relaxed and I can sing without my voice being afraid. I’m still the same person but only more secure about what I do.


-How do you feel 2 years later about being the new singer of Sirenia? It’s been a big step forward in a personal and professional level? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

I feel great and I’m very happy because since I joined Sirenia I’ve learnt lots of things, so yes, it’s been a big step forward.

-What do you exactly feel about being Spanish and being in a very important band? (Óscar from Spain)

Sincerly I think it would be the same if I came from another country. The thing is that people may find it strange because it’s not common that a Spanish singer sings in a band like Sirenia.

-In general terms, what do you feel being part of Sirenia, well known band inside metal? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

I feel very happy. I must admit that when I joined the band, I felt a little bit scared, but once we started playing at different gigs things became normal.

-What has been your best experience with Sirenia? (John)

Every day I spend with the band is a good experience and everyday I learn something new.

-We all know that Morten is the one who composes all the songs for the band. Do you help in something else than your voice? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

For “The 13th Floor” I couldn’t do much because when I arrived, everything was ready. But with this new album, although Morten is still who composes, I can share my ideas for my melodies. Even we decided to do some songs in Spanish, so the lyrics adaptation was made by me.

-Can you tell us about the touring to promote this album? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

We have just confirmed 2 summer festivals, Wacken Open Air and Masters Of Rock. We are still looking to do an European tour and South America, but we’re still working on it. Soon we’ll know more about it.

-Would you like to come back to South America? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico / Jafet from Costa Rica / Edgar from Mexico / Wilder Orlando from Colombia)

Of course I’d love to go back and I hope it will be soon. And I think I’m not the only want who wants it, as all the band members are wishing to go back there and play for you.

-What’s the best and worst thing you remember about your South America tour? (Andrés Tapia / Wilder Orlando from Colombia)

I think I don’t have any bad memory about our tour there, but maybe the worst thing is that when I arrived to Mexico, my suitcase was still in Spain and it took about 3 days to arrive.

The best? Hard to say, I’d say everything. Most of all, the people, they treated us very well, it was a great experience.

-If it depends on you, will you come back to Spain? (Ismael from Las Palmas)

Of course! I’d love to go back and play in Spain. Last time I felt a little bit nervous because I didn’t know how people were going to react. But I’d love to go there again and again.

-About the other band members, which one do you get along with better? (Luis from Mexico)

I get along with them all. So I think it would be all of them!

-Which Sirenia song do you like to play the most? (Luis from Mexico)

All of them! And I can’t wait for the next shows where we can play the new songs!

-And about the songs that you’ve never played live, which one would you like to play someday? (Andrés Tapia)

“In My Darkest Hours” or maybe “On The Wane”.

-Can you tell us why have you never played again “7 Keys And 9 Doors”? (Andrés Tapia)

It depends on the time we have to sing. I remember we just played it once, and it was in my first Sirenia show, which was very long and we played songs that we don’t usually do.

-If you had to choose just 3 bands to go on tour with, which ones would you say? (Andrés Tapia)

It’s hard! Mmmm maybe 30 Seconds to Mars, Kamelot and Within Temptation

-Lately, metal bands are doing covers of pop songs. If you had to choose one, which one would it be? (Andrés Tapia)

There’s so many that it’s hard to choose one. But maybe some song that was a success when I was a little girl, there are lots of good songs.


-How was the recording of the second album with Sirenia? (Tony / Jafet from Costa Rica / Lautaro from Argentina)

At first it was hard because it was too cold in Norway and my voice was not at 100%. So the first days we did the songs where I didn’t have to sing high or force my voice. Later, thanks God, my voice recovered and we could work hard but relaxed. As always, recording with Morten is very funny and I always learn something new from him.

-What is the best thing from those recordings? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

Recording in Spanish! Before we recorded both songs in Spanish I felt a little bit insecure, because it is my language but I’m not really used to sing in Spanish. Since I started singing at 11 I’ve always listened to music in English, but when we started recording the first song in Spanish we thought it sounded great so we both got relaxed. Now Morten says that he likes his music in Spanish and wants more versions! Hehe

-Did you feel more comfortable recording this album than the first one? (Tony)

Yes, I’ve felt better. Not because we had any problem with the first one, but because at the moment I didn’t really know Morten, and also I’m shy and it takes some time to feel comfortable with people, so althought I had fun, it wasn’t the same. Now it is very different, Morten and I we are very good friends so it is easier to go to the studio and record. It feels like singing at home.

-Did Morten tell you about the concept behind the new album? (Daniel Abraham from Mexico)

Not at all! It’s hard, if not impossible, that Morten tells what inspired him or his music’s meaning, so it’s up to your imagination and the meaning you wanna give to the music and the lyrics.

-Will it feature any ballad? (Tony)

Yes! It will be the title song “The Enigma Of Life” Razz

-And any Spanish song? (Tony / Edgar de Mexico)

Well, now it’s not secret that we did 2 versions: “El Enigma De La Vida” (The Enigma Of Life) and ”Oscura Realidad” (This Darkness).


-What is your priority in life? (John)

Right know it is the music. Of course there are other things in my life and things I hope for the future, but now I focus on what I’m doing.

-Do you have any project outside music? (John)

Yes, I’d love to work in the clothing industry. I love to design and create my own clothes for the shows with Sirenia. So in the future I’d like to have my own shop.

-For you, what’s the success? (John)

For me, success means that people can enjoy with my work, listen to our music and who knows, feel better just for listening to us. I don’t wanna be famous so people can know about me, ask me pics or autographs. I just want people to enjoy what we do, go on stage and see people loving it, that’s what I really want and what makes me happy.

-Did fame affect you in any way? (Luis from Mexico)

No, I’m still the same person I was 2 and a half years ago. I don’t even consider myself famous, of course people know me but I’d say I’m known. And not for the fact I’m known I gotta change who I am, I’m still the same simple girl and I wanna be it.

-Habilities (in your case, artistic) are something that you are born with, or do you create them yourself? (John)

I think you are born with them. For example lots of people think that if they don’t know how to sing, getting singing lessons will help them achieve it. But I think the teacher doesn’t teach you to sing, he helps you to improve what you already have and what you can give… That’s my point of view… Of course you can also make it working really hard.

-Under your own point of view, how did you become famous? (John)

With Sirenia, but I don’t consider myself famous, I’m just known.

-What do you think about homosexuality? (John)

90% of my friends are homosexuals, so I think that answers your question. J

-Tell us about X Factor. (John)

The truth is when you go on a TV show, you think it’s gonna be some way and when you’re there, you realize it’s not what you expected. I learned a lot from my X Factor experience, but I would not repeat it.

-Do you like gutural or semi gutural female fingers? If so, which ones? (Andrés Tapia)

Yes I like them. I really like Alisa (The Agonist) and Agnete María Forfang Kjølsrud (ex-Animal Alpha, Djerv).

-Can you live from music? (Pepa)

Not at the moment. There are lots of bands and solo singers but only a few can live from music. But I hope someday Sirenia will live only from music.

-Tell us about your English learning. Have you improved in your time with Sirenia? (Tony)

Learning is going very well. I’ve improved a lot. When I joined the band I just knew a couple of sentences and some words. And my accent was very Spanish. But I think I’ve slowly improved.

-Do you diet or exercise so you can have a good physique for the shows and videos? (Tony)

Dieting? No way! I love to eat and I love sweets, but I’m diabetic so I can’t really eat much of them. And exercise…my sister has to punish me to get me to do some sit ups! haha

-What would you like to say to your fans who are reading this? (Raúl from Ailyn-Team)

Thank you very much for always being there supporting the band! I hope to see you really soon on tour! A big hug to all of you!

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Ailyn Interview with Manuel Gálvez (Feb. 2011)
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