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 Ailyn Interview with Jim 2.0

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PostSubject: Ailyn Interview with Jim 2.0   Ailyn Interview with Jim 2.0 I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 5:19 pm

The always beautiful and wonderful Ailyn , vocalist of the Norwegian-Spanish group Sirenia , kindly give me a written interview to the blog, which I am very grateful, is truly an honor to interview one of my favorite vocalists, means a lot to me and to all friends who visit this blog, is a dream come true.

In this interview we will learn everything from the Sirenia new for 2010, the South American tour, the beginning and Ailyn experiences with the band, if there will be a new video, the concerts of The Beauty And The Beast Fest this year, and much, much more, all the doubts that had been answered. Do not miss this very pleasant and enjoyable interview is very informative, so they can read it in full after the jump.

Exclusive Interview with Jim 2.0 Ailyn (Sirenia Vocalist)

Hello Ailyn, first let me congratulate you for all you've achieved so far in your personal life and your career, you really admire a lot and I love your voice.Thank you for spending a little time to answer questions from all your fans.

01. Where does the name Ailyn?

Ailyn is a Chinese name means "True Love." I've always been attracted to Asian culture as well by my mother I have origin in China, though it is something far away :-)

I changed my name because I liked the sound as a stage name Pilar, Spain is also very common that when going to sing somewhere and introduced me as Pilar Giménez looked to sing songs from a totally different style. For some time I'm thinking of making the name change permanent.

02. "Tell us about your musical tastes, listening to genres that groups will have attracted more attention in recent years, what are your musical influences?

Well, not really know how to explain what my tastes and my influences, because I do not care about the style of music I'm listening as I hear is good.

Why close in a single style when you can learn much more if you hear a little of each gender? Of course what I hear most is Symphonic / Gothic Metal, but I'm not close to others.

About my influences, I think there are too many singers like to write them all. I hear a lot of music since I was very small so imagine how long is the list hehehe!

03. Tell us about it, the process that had to happen, and you felt when you named as the official vocalist.

For it was to put in some way by luck: P. As you all know I had just emerged from a TV show and was looking for musical projects. I started working with musicians in my town, but we could agree with the style, they wanted to do and I wanted to pop Symphonic / Gothic Metal, so as we could agree not left the project and soon appeared Sirenia .

One day my sister was looking for metal bands on myspace and found Sirenia, called me and we were watching videos and listening to music so we add them.

Now I'm not sure, but about a month later got in touch with me if I wanted to test. At first I thought it was someone I wanted to spend a joke, because I could not believe that a band from Norway are interested in me, but still accepted: P.

In January 2008 I went to Norway to do my first audition was in his studio to record two songs NDAAD and also a demo of what would be topics for "The 13th Floor." I really enjoyed it and Morten and his wife were great the 5 days I stayed at the home.

Then I had to wait a month until Morten was put back in touch with me if I wanted to make the second and final hearing. This might be with the whole band, recorded a direct false, they rented a small rehearsal room and did a concert without an audience, so they could then view the tape and decide if they liked what they saw or not.

After that time I was waiting forever, until Morten sent me a message saying that both the band and the record company had decided that I would be their new vocalist. It's funny because my first reaction after read my email several times to make sure that I was wrong to mourn and give me the second I started to scream around the house that had caught me, hehe!

04. How has your progress within the band?, Do you immediately empathize with the members?, Morten Tell us something seems to be a serious, right?

Well I think so far my progress has been quite large and I guess that will gradually take over. L People think that before SIRENIA I had a great experience on stage, but not true, singing occasionally in a contest a year but very much in both the short and good TV experience.

With the band has been all very easy, since from the second audition was very clear the good feeling that existed between us. Morten and I have said several times, I chose well because it met everything the band was looking for, so we get along well.

To describe how good I feel with them the easiest way to explain it is saying that when I joined a few brothers won Sirenia: D

That is a myth !!!!! Of course it's a serious person in regard to their work, but personally, for anything!! It is a very nice and very happy, well when you need something he is always the first to help.

Well I know people say it is impossible to work with him and he must be very hard, but I can not but be surprised when people tell me, because every time I go to record something with it is the most fun !

05. How do you feel in the band?, Are you happy?

Happy?, I think the word is short! Now could not be better: D

06.How was the process of recording the album The 13th Floor?, How long it took to record it?, Did you get used fast you are traveling from Spain to Norway?

The recording process was fun! It was very fast, I think it took about 5 days to record all the voices and good to what refers to music Morten had everything ready, so it remained to put my voice to start mixing the album.

Although good, before we start recording the album, a few months ago we had already recorded a demo to get an idea of how to stay. And before that too should be added Morten took the time to compose the new songs.

But it was a very good experience and contrary to what everyone thinks about working with Morten is very difficult, I can only say that it is a myth!. It is very easy to work with him, or it may be that we both seem much on the fact that we are people that we take very seriously the job and we are not satisfied with the result until it sounds like we want, but it was great and as I say, very very funny: P

07. What gives you satisfaction to be in the band and this release?

Being in the band has given me and giving me many satisfactions, one of which is to be on stage and seeing people enjoy what we do, when people sing songs while you sing ... That's just wonderful and unique.

08.What country are you currently residing?

At the moment I am living in Granada, Spain. Since I joined the band began to wonder to move to Norway as it is a country I love and I know that would be easier for the band.

But in the beginning was very difficult to do because as you know when I joined the band I spoke almost no English, luckily now my English has improved a lot, but could not move to a country without knowing the native language and no English.

But it is still something that I have in mind, so it depends how he handles the whole year I go or not, we'll see: D

09. How is the language learning process, and are learning Norwegian?, Or is that and the other members have begun to speak Spanish?, Haha

The Norwegian??, Veeeeery difficult!, I still have not made it as I said before, but the few words I will say or things I'm asking me look like a tongue twister! Hehehe. Hehehe. . But little by little. Well over if they speak Spanish, luckily Jonathan speaks perfectly and Morten and Michael know some palabrillas loose: D

10. TriviumGirl question: Will there ever be a song in our language with Sirenia, or a duet with American singer, like, say, Marcela Bovio? (You know I love to hear a song from you, cry with emotion.)

About whether there Sirenia song in Spanish, I think you will have to be patient and wait for the next album comes out ;-). A duet with Marcela Bovio? The truth, if I could do a duet with Marc I put myself to mourn with you! Lol. She is wonderful, both as a singer and as a person Very Happy

11.Do you think now to make an solo album, or have the idea to record it sometime?

The truth is that neither is going through my head to publish something solo !!!!!. I spent many years of my life so and almost the same dream about being with a band like Sirenia and now I've got and I've seen the difference and I ask myself again to go it alone: P

12. TCR question: Have you spoken to the group or record a new video? (It is rare that the success of the video for The Path to Decay, having almost the same number of hits in less than a year that video The Other Side in 3 years, have not made more videos.)

We would love to make another video, but as time has passed since the release of "The 13th Floor" do not think we have to do any more ... :-( that, I guess is a thing of the label.

13. Do they know something about the new album by Sirenia? The 13th floor was recorded in summer 2008, will there be something new from the band for 2010? Could recorded during the summer something new?

Well here I can reply to you safely, and that is December 26 will travel back to Norway to record a demo of what will be our next album. Now is just the demo to see how it sounds or if you want to change or improve things. Not when you will record the final version but I can say I've heard some songs and well, at least in my humble opinion I think this new album will be better than the last;)

14. Irene asked: Although single pick another song like every time I look Sirenia new videos on Youtube I find the song that almost everyone recording of the concerts, and most commonly used to make music videos or movie series, is Lost in life. Moreover, its short duration, all assumed it would be the second single / video of "the 13th floor." It has never been the issue of making a video clip of this song as the second single?

As I said, do not think it will make any video clip. P But I guess if you had talked about doing another video, maybe "Lost In Life" would have been the winner, because as you said it seems the whole world enjoy the song :-)

15. Alfredo Mambi question: Have you been consolidarte within Sirenia?. Explain why.

I think so, but if I'm honest and I had stopped to ask if I had been consolidated within the band or not. feel so comfortable with them and we get along so well that neither he had asked me: D.

From the outset there has been very good relationship, so I think as we've known for many years, it was very strange. And I've never felt like the new, as he has to defend its position to stay within the band, because somehow children have always made me feel like that's always been my position that this post was there waiting for me ...: D

16.We heard you did some covers of Evanescnece, Do you as an influence, you like the band?, And if so, you think of the band Ben Moody (We Are The Fallen), think they can reach be known in Europe?

The truth is that they are my influence, but I like a lot. I recorded the covers for a friend of mine who is a big fan of them, so one day I went home and recorded it: D

About We Are The Fallen, also know and like me, although I've only heard the song "Bury Me Alive", so maybe I'll have to wait to hear more about them in order to have a correct view :-)

17. What do you like to be a frontwoman, and what would the trouble be?

I like everything!! Lol, but good, the bad ... well, not even bad, but still gives me great shame that I do interviews, lol. I keep getting red as a tomato when I have to talk, but I guess that little by little when I get used to speaking in public will not have any "problem."

18. All1813 question: On this tour I followed the live video and I realized they have repeated the same setlist in their European concerts. Will there be any change to the dates in Australia and South America, or will be the same setlist?

They still have not talked about which will be the setlist for Australia and South America, although I suppose that will change as for example in our South American tour so we headliner concert time will be longer so the setlist also has to be different ;-)

19. All1813 question: Have you talked to Morten about your participation in the upcoming album, write some songs for the new album?

This is something I always ask, but I do not think the time will contribute to the songwriting, in my opinion, Morten is the soul of Sirenia, the one who always composed, he is the one who gives meaning to the letters the feeling of the music, and honestly I enjoy your compositions and I'm happy to sing their melodies and lyrics: D, of course I like to write and I have my own ideas but right now I'm not currently writing anything Sirenia. : D : D

20. All1813 question: It has been a change in the scene of Female Fronted Gothic Metal with less opera singers, do you think about the so-called Metal Pop?

It is a difficult question because everyone has their taste in music and think about what the style of each band. People say we are all the pop singers do not sing opera ...

As I said everyone has their opinion, in my opinion not sing opera or that does not mean we are pop, not bad singers, it's just that we do not sing opera, is neither better nor worse ... just think it turned out a new style .

Also I think we agree that if all the bands vocalists sing all the same style, are all equal and that in my opinion would be very boring ...

Perhaps many fans disagree with the change but must always be changing, however small, if a band does not evolve if it stagnates and tight ends sadly disappearing either because the fans get tired of always hearing the same music or because the same players are bored of doing the same thing.

Speaking for Sirenia, there are so many fans are unhappy about the change that has given the band is his last work, but Morten mime words, he needed a change well I guess it is Sirenia not Tristania. The composing in Tristania, Sirenia the composed and I guess he thought it would be good if there were a difference between the music of a band to another.

21.Now I would like to tell that I liked quite a new album, the melodies are really beautiful, your beautiful voice has fit perfectly, and I see in the videos live always sounds good, how do you keep your voice to splendor?

Well the truth is that my life is pretty healthy when I'm home I do not leave party and go (for example) to a club involves breathing the smoky air and scream when you talk to someone.

The main thing also is that I do not smoke, drink, do not drink much, well except when I'm with the band on a tour or holiday. Drink a lot of warm tea and I have very careful with things cool, but I do not do anything special ...

22.I also would like to tell that I love the video released by The Path To Decay, Was it difficult filming process?, Tell us about it.

Thanks!! Glad you like! Only it was difficult at first, since I'm pretty shy and I felt a bit embarrassed with the cameras and people watching, but when I passed the nerves was great.

Exhausting, so yes, I think we had about 10 hours of recording in which the majority of time was recorded only with me, the boys must have been pretty boring since its quite fast shots were recorded and there had to be waiting they finished with me, so yes, the poor endured very well, hehehe!

23. Tell us about the festival The Beauty And The Beast Fest 2009, which experiences and anecdotes has left you, was it hard or you kept wanting to go on tour?

Buaaah!!! Of course I have already toured with Sirenia, but this was the first tour where they were going to have so many shows in a row without rest, and would also serve to see how it unfolded me: D.

We had a great time! Lots of music, much celebration and joy, and that I think is mostly one of the reasons why I did not notice if he was tired or not, I do not think I stopped smiling throughout the tour, hehehe!. Besides that we also met many people and made new friends.

The only tired I noticed when I got home, but after sleeping long and hard for a day and was ready to go! Well I've been able to prove to myself that even though people think I have painted Barbie and I'm not going to be, stand as I throw up: P

24. For the images on your myspace I see you met Liv Kristine, Marcela Bovio, and Sandra Schleret, What about them?, Do you like their voices and their respective bands?

Was nice meeting you at three, although that was more intimate with Marcela as the two were traveling on the bus and good both spoke Spanish all the time, lol. But as I say was a pleasure to meet all three. Three beautiful women both inside and outside and also three great singers and of course the singers of three bands that I also like!

25Will the new tour be with them?, Is said that the festival will come to Brazil, "Sirenia will also play at the festival?

For on this, not to answer, I learned the other day that the festival would come to Brazil because I asked, but I really do not know if it alone Leave's Eyes / Atrocity or go also the other bands, the truth is that they do not know ...

26. What other vocalists of the genre have known?, And how are they on stage?, That leads me to ask you ever been to a concert lately?, If so, what was the experience of not being on stage but present as a fan?, Do you miss that?

For the truth that to know how to Marcela, Sandra and Liv, none. POf course I have known more singers, but being at festivals simply exchanging a greeting or you get a picture, but nothing more. Well, the truth is that now I have much time to go to any concert, I think at last I was by myself two years ago to see Serenity / Kamelot in my town: D.

Unless you are in the Beauty And The Beast Festival, lol I could see the shows every day! And I like the experience of seeing the other bands and enjoy their music like everyone else, but it came a little bit surprising because when I played up to my on stage: D

27. Tell us about the South American tour to take place in 2010, how do you feel?, Are you excited about it, will it be the first time will visit South America?

Well, I'm very excited to go to South America!. It is the first time that I go and I am very excited. Also maybe I feel more comfortable when traveling to countries where people understand me perfectly when I talk haha.

My English is very well lately and I can hold conversations perfectly, or almost ;-), but I still feel somewhat insecure. But I have really wanted to go mainly because the great support we have from all of you and that's something I'm very grateful.

28. "Missing the tour confirmed for South American countries, or are already closed the dates?

I think right now we just need to be confirmed a date, which is on February 7, 2010, so I said Morten is the only one to be confirmed ... It's a shame because there are many countries that want to go and will be out of the tour ... :-(

29.What can we expect from Ailyn and Sirenia for 2010?

Mmmmmmmm, I hope that many good things! ; P , P

30.Thank you very much for giving this interview, "Any final words for fans of Sirenia Ailyn and visiting the blog?

Well, just thank you for all your unconditional support to me and for the whole band. It is very important to us because we know that without people like you who give us your support we would be nothing.

Thank you! We love you! Well we hope to see you all next year on the tour!! Kisses and heartfelt thanks! : D


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Ailyn Interview with Jim 2.0
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