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 Spanish Interview with Ailyn

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PostSubject: Spanish Interview with Ailyn   Spanish Interview with Ailyn I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 8:59 am

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PostSubject: Re: Spanish Interview with Ailyn   Spanish Interview with Ailyn I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 6:24 pm

For non-spanish speakers here is a english copy.

Due to the impending tour of Sirenia by our country in a week, and its recent confirmation in the "Beauty and the Beast Tour" published an interview of our new partner Ruth del Moral who made the singer of the band Aylin ... Both talk about the passage of X Factor Aylin Sirenia, the new album "The 13th floor" and on the current status of the band, come and see ....

M.S: Hello! First I would like to thank you for your kindness and we've responded to this interview.

A: Thank you:)

MS: What's your way through a reallity like X Factor? What did you introduce a competition with that format?

A: Well, I decided to show up out of boredom (laughs). I just moved to Granada and I knew nobody and did not know what to do besides that musically was also sluggish. So one day one of my friends phoned me to say he had left the calls for a new reallity, so I thought, why not? The truth is not lost anything and I always like to present for the casting because you know many people and you spend your good. Whenever I went to a casting has been singing pop, R & B, what we usually ask, because if you go shopping so you pull back without even looking at you. But this time I thought that was as equally and no, it presented me with the style that really wanted to sing. So I dressed and presented myself singing gothic metal. I thought I would take a geek and I would send to home, but the funny thing is they liked (laughs)

MS: What is the best and the worst thing that ever happened because of X Factor? Do you recommend the experience?

A: The best thing is that people knew very maja, although always good as usually happens each goes his own way and you end up losing contact, a shame ... And worst, I'd say I have not done very well at the time Sirenia entering. People became alarmed a lot of good, being honest understand them perfectly, people thought "that makes a pop singer in sirenia !!!". Anyway, I've been singing and listening to metal for long, but like I've never been in a band when I called to sing at a party had to adjust to what I wanted and had to sing songs that people could dance, not plan is the old man singing to no metal music?? (laughs). Besides I've always liked singing all, I've never closed a single style. When I entered X Factor in the program said that we would keep our style, both in making clothing such as when items get to sing. But then everything was very different and as you know not let me continue with my style. I enjoyed the program very well, yet I had a bad, not as nice as he is painted, and the truth is that I would not repeat: P

MS: I remember mostly have listened to Evanescence versioning issues, what are your musical preferences?

A: I have covered many songs, whether New Age, Pop, etc.. I never stopped to think that style was just if I liked the song the recording. The Evanescence were the last version. It has always been difficult to find backing for metals in Internet shops, so I had to make do with what they had. And make versions seemed a good way to practice because it was recorded that was flawed areas and things had to improve. My musical tastes especially the Gothic Metal, but I do not mind listening to any other style.

MS: How did the opportunity to introduce you to the casting of Sirenia? Did you know this group before? When and how were you finally reported that chosen?

A: I wish I could say that the group knew before, but the truth is that I had never heard. What to introduce me to audition was funny because I went without knowing it (laughs). My sister was with my Myspace Metal bands looking to add them as friends and that's how he found Sirenia. He was watching videos and listening to the songs and called me to see that I also really liked us and ask that we added as friends. What I did not realize is seeking singer and if you wanted to submit only had to add them as friends or send your demos and so they would listen, so imagine my face when they come in contact with me and asked if I wanted do auditions. The truth is that I thought someone wanted a joke, how a band would be interested in my Norwegian? But hey, if it was a joke anyway I replied saying that it interested me, so I accepted. After doing the auditions, I spent a lot of nerves for waiting. So on 7 April 2008, at 23:21 h (still have the message saved roaming) I was in bed reading when Morten sent me a message saying he had sent me an email. I jumped up and ran to my computer to check my email. I read so fast that I was not sure if he understood what he was saying, so for me to be more sure I reread it and I sure it was true what he said I yelled through the house that I do had taken for my family to know (laughs)

MS: How do you the Sirenia sanbenito "a singer's album"? Do you think this will be the final formation?

A: It's something that I always ask. I wish and I think this will be the final formation. I know people already making bets to see how hard Sirenia (laughs). But I have no intention of leaving, plus I've never been so comfortable with what I do since I Sirenia.

M.S: And the language issue ... assume you do not speak Norwegian (If so, please rectifícame) What is your understanding during the recording and concerts?

A: No, I do not speak Norwegian, just some kids that palabrillas teach me, and I must say that I think is very difficult. Of understanding about what was really funny. For the first audition I was home from Morten and his girlfriend. At that time I did not know any English, only the typical words and my bad luck, I forgot the dictionary at home, so imagine the Show. We understood what I knew jabbering and gestures, it was hard, but I preferred to see the funny side. The luck is that although the language was a problem when we got to audition well. For the second audition, it was much easier, I knew a little more English (though not much) but expect that Jonathan speaks fluent Spanish so there was no problem and we could communicate.

MS: Speaking of recording "Where it took place and how long you held? Can you tell a little secret?

A: The album was recorded in Norway, France and Denmark. I was in Norway a week that's what it took to record the voices. The truth is that there is little secrets;)

MS: Personally, "The 13th Floor" I think by far the best album by Sirenia production and musical quality, Can you tell us a story about the recording?

A: Morten and I had a great time, very professional and makes everything easy when working with him. People always think working with Morten is very difficult, but I think it's quite the opposite. As we have said to us very well, always had to correct the odd word and laughed a lot when I was locked with one of those pronunciations that we can not say either Spanish or the three. I still have etched in my mind the phrase that said poor Morten throughout the recording, Ailyn remember, NOT British "R" please (laughs)

MS: Your first single, "The Path To Decay" meant recording a video clip, beautiful indeed, what was the experience? Where was it filmed? "Any story that highlighted?

A: The video was recorded in Sweden with producer Patric Ullaeus, who has worked with many great and is a great professional. The experience was great. It was the first time I rolled a video clip and was very nervous, but when we finished after 10 hours of footage he wanted more: P. There is an anecdote, but I think it's too embarrassing for me (laughs) so do not tell it jaja ...

MS: Do you plan to shoot another video clip?

A: At the moment did not record another video clip or if not, still know nothing. Although I hope so.

MS: Now you go on living in our country or Sirenia commitments made you move?

A: I am still living in Grenada. I plan on moving to Norway, because we would make the job easier all the time trials and others, I also apetecería a change, but will have to be later. Well, teens do not force me to move there, they know it's a big change so they say they prefer to live where I feel more comfortable if you do want to move, but I do not feel obliged to do so because There are planes and taking one at once I'm there. Whenever I say I have thought about moving later tell me I'm crazy, as I am changing the Andalusian sunshine from cold Norway!

MS: In September, a few live performances are planned in our country, and metal fans here know that we are very demanding Nervous? An illusion?

A: The truth is both. I am absolutely thrilled that we can come play here, yet I am very nervous. I know that initially the reaction that I was the vocalist of Sirenia was not very good, but right now I do not know what people are saying. So I do not think, I just want to give the best of it and prove that if I Sirenia is for something:)

MS: We assume that never before had the opportunity to sing at a festival with such a large audience "How's the experience?

A: I had never sung in front of so many people think that before Sirenia be the most were two thousand people, but when I arrived at the Masters Of Rock in Czech Republic I thought I would give anything, really shaking all over me (laughs). I really have very little experience with the public, but luckily it is something that will change now that I'm the vocalist of Sirenia and hopefully that will make me better.

MS: And finally, in addition to thanking you for your time we would like to know What it feels like to have the responsibility to be the face of a band so important?

A: When I spent the euphoria of knowing that was the new vocalist, I got to thinking and the first thing I noticed was afraid: P. I'm a pretty shy and I thought "Where did I get?" Although more than a year ago I'm with the band and see things differently, I think not. Now we are about to start the tour and the only thing is I focus on my band, doing well and enjoying a lot:)

MS: Many thanks and best of luck with the tour!

A: Thank you!
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Spanish Interview with Ailyn
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