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 The Enigma of Life Review by Isa la Belle (Contest Winner)

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PostSubject: The Enigma of Life Review by Isa la Belle (Contest Winner)   Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:45 pm

Congrats to Isa la Belle who won our review contest. Therefore she will be the first review posted.

This is my modest review of Enigma of Life music-album.
( I am really sorry about my terrible mistakes )
Well, I want to say I was not impressed by two last releases from the band. But in spite of this fact I was looking forward new album all the same.
My first impression was not very good because many composes seem to be not very interesting.

But Ailyn voice makes me listen to this album again. Many times, gigi. And after one week I realized this album is one of the greatest creatures by Morten Veland in particular and from all gothic-metal music in general.
Firstly, Morten composes his music in good faith. He is honest with himself and his listeners. Well, Enigma of Life has a lot of differences between At Sixs and Sevens or Beyond the Veil.
His songs are very personal as usual although now music style is called pop-metal, not gothic-metal. ( I am not a judge of poetry so I can say nothing about lyrics. )
Secondly, Ailyn. I love her, really. She is amazing.
Her voice is strong and gentle simultaneously. She is so delicate and unprotected that I want to save her from «darkness», «sad» and «sorrow», gigi. The final line of title track forced my cry.
Oh, she is not a siren , she is a mermaid, water princess or naiad.
Thirdly, I really like arrangement and chorus. Fortunately, Sirenia gained its own unique sound. Morten is a genius, of course but I am totally sure Ailyn is his muse at the moment.

I think that this album will became one of my favorite cds and I will listen to Seaside Serenade, All My Dreams, Coming Down and Fading Star many years.
Looking forward a new tour and another video-clip.

Dreams pass by silently, I see them waving back at me
All hope is long since gone, I guess it really never was there at all
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The Enigma of Life Review by Isa la Belle (Contest Winner)
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