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 Ailyn Interview with Arcana Noctis

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PostSubject: Ailyn Interview with Arcana Noctis   Ailyn Interview with Arcana Noctis I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 10:03 am

There is no doubt that Sirenia is a very known name of the gothic metal scene from Europe; and as you probably know the last opus called ¨¨13th Floor¨ is finally out under the banner of mighty Nuclear Blast Records from Germany! So…, I thought that will be a great honour for us to make an interview with band’s leader Morten Veland; but Morten decided that the new vocalist Ailyn will be the one that will answer my questions, and look what I got for you!

1. Ola Ailyn! How are you and how do you feel in Sirenia's bosom? The things are going in the right way for Sirenia after the recording of your last album called "The 13th Floor"?

Hello! I’m fine and really happy! Thanks! At the moment things are going well, we are waiting to know the new dates of upcoming shows.

2. As I said before your brand new album called "The 13th Floor" is finally out under the banner of Nuclear Blast Germany. Could you please introduce us in its atmosphere by telling the necessary technical details and track stories?

All the album’s songs are composed by Morten, as he always does in Sirenia, so the stories behind each song, just he knows about them, and he never reveals his inspiration because he prefers each person to get their own meanings. So I could give you my opinion, but as I don’t want it to be seen as the final words, I prefer to keep it to myself:-P

3. Can you tell us if the cover artwork fits both musical/lyrical contents? Is there something behind that name "The 13th Floor" and what exactly represents 13 for you? Who is the main responsible for the picture of your CD booklet and tell us also if there were some other ideas for the cover artwork?

The lyric’s meaning has a lot of variety, so everyone can get their own meanings. So, as the album’s title, we leave free the interpretation of the album’s cover, and the lyrics’ contents. The cover was created by Jan Yrlund and I must say it’s great. I love it! Some people ask me why I’m not on the cover, and Jan told it was his idea. He thinks it’s better to keep separate both things (me and the album). The cover is a cover, and it represents the 13th floor theme. With me on the drawing, its meaning would have gone to a second side, because people would concentrate more in me than the number 13. So the girl is just a character in the composition.

There’s a gentle balance between those things.

4. As I can see you try to hide something behind some title tracks such as "The Seventh Summer", "Winterborn 77" or "Sirens of the Seven Seas"! Can you tell us what all is about? Does 7 means something special for you?

As I said before, we prefer the listener to decide and find their own meaning. I think Morten is really interested in numerology…: D

5. A few days ago you realized a video clip of "Path to Decay" song! I saw it several times and I must tell you that you've done something of great quality. Can you give us more info about it? How do you see the new one compared to the previous video clips made by Sirenia?

The video was filmed in Sweden on November 2008. The director is Patric Ullaeus, who’s a very great producer and he has already worked with really good bands. I sincerely like all three Sirenia videos; each one has its story and style.

6. I must tell you that the arrangements you’ve done for "Path of Decay" is great, you look fabulous and your vocal register fits perfectly with Sirenia's today way of playing! We could say that this album was composed especially for you! I’m sure that Morten saw something in his dreams and now we have the prove! What do you think?

Hahaha, the truth is the songs adapt very well with me, I don’t know if Morten dreamt about it ;-) I suppose the songs were adapted a little bit for me at the latest moments, when he decided I was going to be the new vocalist. The truth is that I’m really pleased with the final results.

7. I assume that you heard the previous materials signed Sirenia! Can you tell us, what is the major difference between them and "The 13th Floor"?

I think the biggest difference between the previous albums and The 13th Floor is that before, the female voices had less protagonism, the growls ruled the songs.

8. Now let’s talk about you! Can you tell us a few things about you and your past before Sirenia?

I was born in Barcelona (Spain) on May 1982. I began to sing when I was 12. When I was 15 I told my mum I wanted to sing. So she enlisted me to a music school, but personal reasons made me leave after just one year. I began singing as a professional at 20. I’ve always sung all kind of genres: Pop, R&B, Classical, Metal… I’ve been on some contest, being in the first places. Also I sung for fashion shows where they got the money for Alzheimer disease. In 2007 I auditioned for a reality musical TV program and I was selected. I was the 5th to go out, and after that I keep on searching for new musical opportunities. Until the chance to sing with Sirenia appeared. ? I love drawing, but I only do when I’m nervous, because it relaxes me. But my second passions after singing are the books. I love reading so much that when I do it, I stay up until 6 or 7 am. I can’t go to sleep until I finish the book, I can’t leave it in the middle.

9. If I'm not wrong, you answered to an announce, dated on 6 November 2007, in which Sirenia's looking for a new girl to handle the micro. How it was exactly? I heard that there were more than 500 candidatures, but finally Sirenia is choosing you! Do you think that Mortem, the main responsible behind this band, was impressed by your skills or by your look? Both perhaps?

In fact I was really nervous during the auditions. I knew a lot of girls auditioned and the months of waiting became very long. I don’t know what exactly made him choose me, he liked my singing, I fitted the new album, I don’t know... That’s just can be answered by him.

10. Just a few days after Sirenia's announce that the new female singer was choose the guitar player Landa decided to quit the band because of some personal problems in the bosom of his family. The new one is Michael Krumins and he is known worldwide because of his activity with Trail of Tears! Can you tell us how did you find him and what the rest of the band thinks about this very talented and skilled musician?

I just can say he’s a genius and a great pal, but those all are. I love see him play, because when he does, you can see he really enjoys it and loves his work.

11. Now, tell me something about Morten! How do you find him and tell us if it's hard to work with such a great musician?

Hard? Never! For me is really easy to work with him, because we both are very demanding people with our work. We don’t care if one take sounds good, if we know it can get better we try, we just want the finishing result to be perfect. Working with Morten is something really great; you can see he knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it. And I have lots of fun working with him.

12. Is it hard to work with 3 males? I assume that they satisfy all your whims, am I right?

I love working with them. I think my mates are great, I have fun with them, and always they take care of me and make me feel good. I usually get along better with boys than girls, so I feel really comfortable with them, it’s like I just had 3 new brothers!

13. Tell me a few things about the feedback that you've received until now and what you expect in the future!

There’s been a mixed reaction. Happy people with my selection, people who hate the idea, and people who prefers to wait until they hear me to make a decision.

I think it’s something usual, because we are not talking about some unknown band or a beginner. Sirenia is famous and people were used to former vocalist and getting me it’s like starting all over again. Just let’s wait and see.

14. Did you started to promote the album? I mean your live activity! And tell us how it was for you the first show in Sirenia's line-up?

Well, the album was released on January 23 in Germany, Austria and Sweden, and on January 26 in the rest of Europe. So we have been doing interviews for promotion. Soon we’ll play live to promote the album and get ready for the tour.

The first show with Sirenia was incredible! I was really nervous, maybe too much. They were the nerves about being my first Sirenia show. But after going into the stage, I thought “don’t be fool, leave your nerves aside and enjoy”. That’s what I did and enjoyed it 100%.

15. Can you reveal us a few of your future plans concerning Sirenia? Are you going to cross the whole Europe to promote your album ¨The 13th Floor"? Are there some dates concerning Romania, for the fans over here, and Paris too, (that's for me) because I'm living there since 2006?

We intend to do a lot of touring for this new album; we will come to Romania this summer for sure. We are working on putting together a lot of shows, hopefully Paris too, we will keep everybody informed through our websites.

16.What should we expect from you in the future? Is Sirenia going to play at the same level and at the same musical style as today, or there are some other things that you want to experiment with your band?

I think time will tell; now we’re concentrating in our new album.

17. That will be all for now!Thanks a lot for this interview and for your precious time that you wasted with me, and I would like you to tell us a few words in the end! Hasta luego, guapa!!! Keep in touch!!!

Thank you for the interview.

I’d like to thank everybody who’s there day by day supporting us and we hope to see them on tour.

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Ailyn Interview with Arcana Noctis
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