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 Morten/Ailyn Interview with Revista Polvora (March 2010)

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PostSubject: Morten/Ailyn Interview with Revista Polvora (March 2010)   Morten/Ailyn Interview with Revista Polvora (March 2010) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 6:36 am

After an absence rather large in our country, Sirenia is to clarify why it is one of the most beloved bands for the Mexican fans, and to clear doubts of the Spanish income Ailyn to the pool.

Embarking on a new adventure after leaving Tristania, the group that he formed, Sirenia was formed in 2001 by Morten Veland. This gothic metal band has always had the main feature to have a woman on vocals, but all songs are written by the same Morten. The other members of this band are multicultural Jonathan A. Perez (drums) and Michael S. Krumins (guitar).

After a long journey from Norway, we have the nice Ailyn (which incidentally now looks fantastic with painted black hair) and Morten expressionless, which we talked a little about Sirenia.

What does it mean for you 13th Floor (his most recent material)?

Morten .- I never talk about my lyrics or title of the discs, I like to leave everything open to interpretation, as a composer if I explain everything in detail I would like to throw something that I spent much time building. The review of my work I prefer to leave it to our fans.

Referring to the number 13, for some it means good luck or bad, you guys are superstitious?

Morten .- I gave up with that long ago, if I have bad luck in everything I do. And just hope I get good luck.

With this new material, what songs have been members of the public recognition?

Morten .- Mmmm, I think if we play live "Path To Decay " and "Lost In Life", which are ideal for playing gigs, I noticed that songs that the fans are very appreciative, which are catchy melodies and with power.
Ailyn .- The truth is that to me the number 13 I really like, do not see it as bad luck, in that sense I do not give importance.
Read phonetically

Speaking of other countries, how you felt when you visited Spain with Sirenia for the first time?

Ailyn .- I was very nervous, especially because I come from a program of pop music, then people in the beginning when Morten announced that I was the new singer was not very happy. They wondered who was a pop singer in a band like Sirenia, then went to the tour was very nervous, but it happened immediately because people were very friendly and helped us a lot.

In your case, why change from anime to metal?

Ailyn .- The truth is that people think before I just sang pop Sirenia, but sang all styles, depending on what the job required either to call me for a party he did sing pop or cartoons . But over 16 years listening to metal, and when I called I said Morten's wonderful, yeah!

Why did you choose or Ailyn liked?

Morten .- Because it was the best choice (laughs). Well, it was a long process, spent eight months making the decision which would be directed. There were about 500 singers from all over the world, even from distant places, but we realized we needed someone who was at least in the European Union to make it more practical. We spent much time reviewing the demos, photos and biographies of all. At the end we chose the right singer with a voice that feeling with our music had not wanted a soprano or a classical education, we wanted another model of female singer with experience, good personality and get along with everyone and obviously I would like to spend time with us, which is devoted entirely to Sirenia.

Were you a fan of Sirenia before auditioning?

Ailyn .- No, I did not recognize. I wish I could say yes. The funny thing is that my father if he knew. When I said I was going to audition to Norway Sirenia I put the disc and say: Come on, that I have heard on the radio!

In this case, who contacted whom?

Morten .- It was our webmaster of MySpace who saw it and told us she can be elected, which was then sent him an email.

"At some point I was a language problem?

Ailyn .- At first it was chaotic, I presented to the hearing without speaking any English. I knew the typical and single words, but no more. I went to the studio and tried to explain Morten fortunately very well attuned to us, so soon understand what I wanted to do.

With the accent is a bit strange when I have an accent to talk a bit hard as all the Spanish, but when I sing is much easier, besides when I started singing it did in English and I have always liked music outside Spain, although he did not understand what he sang. The problem was at the time of speaking, fortunately Jonathan (drums) is from Chile and he was translating.

Was there any pressure on you by the band's past work?

Ailyn .- Pressured no. When a band changes singer people will always prefer the other singer is normal. Recognized the band with her and are accustomed to, are a little reluctant to change. Besides, I think all singers who have been in color Sirenia have a voice quite similar.

How does it feel not only be followed by the band but you have a lot of fans in a while?

Ailyn .- It's great, because many people follow me since I started to sing Japanese music and it feels good knowing I are still in Sirenia. I can not explain, it feels really good. It is people that follow me since I was a nobody and not just because I'm famous now. Sirenia When I started, I never imagined that I had such good results, but gradually you get used to.

Changing the subject, do you see the rock movement in Scandinavia?

Morten .- I could not pinpoint exactly the reason why there are so many metal bands, especially from Norway, Sweden and Finland. Maybe it has to do with culture and society, it is difficult to say but really, there are many musicians and bands of this genre. But metal in general, is not as popular, at least not in Norway, I think there are many metal bands in this country but have their fans in other places such as Germany, Central Europe or America. Finland is a little different, bands like Nightwish has a huge following at home and sell more records than pop bands.

Does it seem like Nuclear Blast record companies is less suffering in this crisis?

Morten .- Nuclear is a great label, specializing in rock and metal, so it's a good place to be. That is not suffering has to do with that metal bands have fans more dedicated than those of pop. These fans want to drive when they want a real object to have it in their collection. Fans of pop, like Britney Spears do not care about the final product, you can download songs and listen, that's enough for them. Of course the metal industry is losing sales to Internet downloads, but lose a lot more pop. I think that is why firms specializing in other genres have many more problems.

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Morten/Ailyn Interview with Revista Polvora (March 2010)
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