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 Ailyn Interview with Metal Underground

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PostSubject: Ailyn Interview with Metal Underground    Ailyn Interview with Metal Underground  I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 1:25 pm

Gothic metal band Sirenia's latest album "The 13th Floor" is their first album with singer Ailyn, and long-term Sirenia fans have happily welcomed their new sound lead by Ailyn's beautifully melodic voice. Here she talks about "The 13th Floor," gigging and playing the Femme Metal Festival in November.

AvernaX: What are you most looking forward to about playing the Femme Metal Fest?

Ailyn: I plan to enjoy a lot being on stage and give 100% of me so people who attend will enjoy what we do.

AvernaX: Have you ever played in the UK before?

Ailyn: I think it is the first time Sirenia will play in the UK. Before I was the vocalist, I think they never played there.

AvernaX: Where are you most looking forward to playing on your latest European tour?

Ailyn: People to be satisfied with our work. We always go to the stage and give everything we’ve got and always want people to enjoy. Also, after the European tour, we hope to have some more tours!

AvernaX: Are you good friends with the other bands you're touring with?

Ailyn: Usually, I don’t know people from the other bands, but although I’m shy, I like to meet new people, and if they work in the same industry as us, great!

AvernaX: Where do you get the best reactions from the audience?

Ailyn: I think in all the countries we’ve been, we had a great response. People are very polite with us and when we’re on stage, they give it all, too.

AvernaX: You've had a lot of demand from fans to tour in the states. Any plans to do a US tour?

Ailyn: I don’t know what to answer, I just know that in my official myspace there are a lot of people writing to me wanting us to play there. I would really like it, I’ve never been there and I think it would be a wonderful experience.

AvernaX: Your latest album "The 13th Floor" came out in January. How has the album been received so far since its release?

Ailyn: I think it got a great response, but I think it’s normal that there is the "problem" that I’m new in the band and people got used to Monika and wanted this new album with her. But apart from that, I think people really like the album.

AvernaX: What are your plans for the year ahead?

Ailyn: Play a lot! We’re always wishing to go on stage.

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Ailyn Interview with Metal Underground
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