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 Update from Henriette

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The Other Side
The Other Side

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PostSubject: Update from Henriette   Sat May 01, 2010 12:21 pm

I guess its been a while...

..a little update on my univerce as of recently, about time perhaps...? xD

.. well then.. my name is Henriette Bordvik (and YES, I am the REAL Henriette Bordvik, ex-singer of Sirenia,.... Wink.....) I`ve always loved singing and have a true passion for music, but currently I only have some small projects going on just for the fun of it as for the singing part - whitch suites me quite nicely because of all thats going on in my life.., But offcourse I look back on my days with Morten and the Sirenian-crew with great rejoicing and gratitude for all great times spent together and wish them all the best for the future to come Smile (And a massive ✯THANK YOU✯ to all yeh rockers out there for your support on my time with the band, as well as for now, highly appreciated!!)
Another respected band of my treasured ones is the great musicians of Elusive - which I got the honour of being a part of their video-recordings of "Dream on Sister" as a dancer (the video below), before their singer Jan Kenneth Barkved so tragicly passed away - one of the greatest men I ever knew, and an outstanding singer..... Dream on Brother ♥️

.. So apart from living my life through the sounds of music, singing, playing my Ibanez (on witch I do suck bigtime but still enjoy), attending concerts/festivals, I spend my time on workin as a bartender/waiter, riding the harley with Glen ♥️, my fiancé, who is a member of a bikers-club here in south of norway, whom we spend alot of wonderful times together with Smile he is also a tattoo-artist and made for me almost all of my ink (me lucky bastard) and apart from that we also have our very own apartement in Playa del Inglès on Canary Island (Spain), where we enjoy our vacations to the fullest!! -and also there another harley davidson to ride when on the island during the off-season here in Norway.. I also spend alot of time on creative stuff, such as photo and design, as my ecucation is graphic designer. ...Watching movies, reading books, work-out, walk the forests and enjoying nature... Love my cat ♥️, red wine, sunshine, my beautiful friends ♥️, and .....yeah, well, - ✯SEX, DRUGS & ROCK`N`ROLL✯....... xD
..that`s it for now, take care you...... Wink
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A Mental Symphony
A Mental Symphony

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PostSubject: Re: Update from Henriette   Fri May 07, 2010 7:49 pm

I miss her.
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Led Astray
Led Astray

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PostSubject: Re: Update from Henriette   Thu May 20, 2010 2:21 pm

She needs to team up with Sirenia one day. Do a fucking song with Ailyn or some shit like that.

Deep in you
In the excavation of my human heart I found something
Something that I never knew existed...

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PostSubject: Re: Update from Henriette   

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Update from Henriette
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